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Artist Todd Krasovetz is proud to offer to Rancho Santa Fe, CA amazing fine art including, oil portraits, paintings, and contemporary art. Enjoy these amazing pieces in person or call 1.619.490.9985 to commission the artist today.
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Contemporary Art

Todd Krasovetz’s soft abstractions forge new artistic territories evoking the power, tempo and tonal complexity of musical composition. Born of a spontaneous process very close to Pollock’s ‘action painting’ which Krasovetz describes as ‘event painting,’ these bold and expressive large scale works on canvas trace back through the heroic lineages of Sargent, Matisse and Van Gogh. Working horizontally, Krasovetz’s process involves accelerating the drying time of the oil paint which he splashes freely into the artistic ether. Combinations of warm and cool hues emit contrasting notes that emerge as translucent and metallic layers resembling the ebb and flow of water. Ornate patterns and undisclosed narrative qualities embellish the plane. As a whole the portraits evoke a sense of fragmentation, memory and emotionality, catalyzing around the evocative feminine mystique, which they take as their central theme.

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Fine Oil Portraits

He is internationally known and published for his realistic style of art, including oil painting, portraits, illustrations and abstract art. His realist style of fine art is remarkable, unique and one of a kind. His realism art influences can be tied back to the works of Sargent, Matisse, and Van Gogh. Todd has had the pleasure to work with many different types of clients ranging from, Hollywood Movie Studios to Military, Government & Commercial entities. He is often commissioned to produce illustrations for all branches of the military to famous artists and celebrities. His work as an illustrator is internationally recognized and is the featured artwork at the San Diego Veterans Museum in San Diego, CA. Recently, his artwork was purchased by ABC studio’s for the set of the hit show “Army Wives”.

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TV & Film

Krasovetz, 42, has an international following that he plans to cultivate at his new studio and gallery in Rancho Santa Fe, an area Krasovetz called veteran-friendly. Krasovetz will meet with guests at an opening reception May 2 at the gallery on Paseo Delicias, where he is set to showcase 30 paintings, many of which are not military-themed, including portraits, landscapes, seascapes and equestrian scenes painted in realistic and abstract styles. His subjects have included sports celebrities such as Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys and NBA star Michael Jordan.

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Commemorative Art

A military artist and a retired Marine are opening a gallery in Rancho Santa Fe. Local artist Todd Krasovetz is best known for his patriotic painting, “Wings of Hope,” which hangs in the entrance to Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton. The painting shows a Navy corpsman dragging a wounded Marine to safety on a sandy shore. In the reflection of the water, the corpsman has wings.

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Rancho Santa Fe Art Gallery Owner

Welcome to San Diego Fine Art by Artist Todd Krasovetz. Here you can explore amazing San Diego contemporary art, portraits and commemorative art. If you are looking for some of the finest contemporary abstract expressionism art in San Diego for your collection, you have found it. Todd Krasovetz’s work has been commissioned by Disney, ABC, Lifetime, Rady’s Children’s Hospital, and many, many others and private collectors around the world.


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